The MotoStudent team of the Polytechnic University of Madrid visits Capa Esculturas

Motocicleta eléctrica de la UPM en Capa Esculturas

This week part of the MotoStudent team from the Polytechnic University of Madrid visited our facilities where they compete with their innovative electric motorbike. With them, we have had the honor of being able to collaborate with theses future engineers in the development of some key parts. Through this collaboration we want to highlight the … Read more

Santiago de la Quintana presents “In the Shadow of the Dogs”.

Esculturas "A la sombra de los perros" de Santiago de la Quintana

A meeting of nature and art In the streets of Colmenar Viejo (Madrid), a new artistic manifestation emerges that captures the attention and imagination of all those who contemplate it. It is the work “A la sombra de los perros” by Santiago de la Quintana, a sculptural installation that represents much more than three unique … Read more

Palacio Quintanar and “Spanish Sculpture of the 20th Century” (Capa Foundation)

Inauguración de la exposición de escultura española del siglo XX en el Palacio Quintanar de Segovia, presentando la Colección Eduardo Capa.

Artists at the Quintanar Palace. The Palacio Quintanar presents a retrospective exhibition of 20th century Spanish sculpture through the Eduardo Capa collection. Artists such as Salvador Dalí, Mariano Benlliure, Jorge Oteiza or Alberto Sánchez, among many others, are featured. The Capa Foundation’s collection arose from the relationship between Eduardo Capa and artists who sought his … Read more

Capa at the 7 Stars of Sport Awards

This year, at Capa Esculturas, we have had the honour of producing the 18 trophies for the 2019 and 2020 editions of the 7 Stars of Sport Awards. Due to the pandemic, these awards could not be held on their usual dates, which made this year’s awards even more special. Recognising sporting excellence The 7 … Read more

10th Anniversary of the inauguration of our news facilites

Ten years ago, Capa inaugurated its 21st century facilities and became a world leader in its sector. Since then, the best facilities and the most advanced means are at the service of our clients, being, once again, pioneers in the application of new technologies. Time has proved us right and our highest-ranking international competition has … Read more

Mutua Madrid Open Trophy 2022

On May 8, the trophies for the Mutua Madrid Open 2022, produced by the prestigious Capa Esculturas foundry, were presented. Collaboration with international artist David Rodríguez Caballero The Capa foundry had the honor of producing this year’s trophies for the Mutua Madrid Open, designed by internationally renowned artist David Rodríguez Caballero. This talented creator has … Read more

CAPA at Madrid Design Festival 2022

Innovation in Sculpture, Architecture and Design Conference As part of the program of the fifth edition of Madrid Design Festival 22, the Capa Foundry, with its general director Fernando Capa and photographer Ricardo Santonja, held a conference entitled “Innovation in sculpture, architecture and design”. This event stood out for presenting the latest technological advances that … Read more

Collaboration of the Fundición Capa in the photography exhibition “Spanish engineering and architecture in the 21st century”

The Capa Foundry is pleased to announce its collaboration in the outstanding photographic exhibition ‘Spanish Engineering and Architecture in the 21st Century’. To be held in Riga, Latvia. This event, which celebrates innovation and excellence in the field of Spanish engineering and architecture, will feature the stunning works of renowned artist and professional photographer Ricardo … Read more

Incremental sheet forming

Investment in R&D as a key to success At Capa Esculturas, investment in research and development (R&D) is a cornerstone of our philosophy. We strongly believe in the power of innovation to push the boundaries of creativity and offer unique solutions to our customers. A commitment to cutting-edge technology Thanks to our commitment to R&D, … Read more

Client-artist event

On 18 July 2019, our installations in Arganda del Rey were transformed into a stage for innovation and creativity. This client-artist event, organised by Ricardo Santonja of the association Mínimo Tamaño Grande and the international art curator Bárbara Mur, had as its main objective to explore the role of new technologies in the art of … Read more