We present the International Sculpture Competition at La Palma School of Art

Fernando Capa hablando frente alumnado de la Escuela de Arte La Palma

La Palma School of Art, located near Tribunales, in Madrid, is renowned for forging the future of emerging artists. In a day full of art and passion, Fernando Capa made a visit to not only present Capa Esculturas and his experience in the art world, but also to present an opportunity for students: The International Sculpture Competition in its 4th Edition. This competition represents an excellent platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent and creativity, having the opportunity to materialize their work.

The importance of participating in international sculpture competitions

During the visit, Fernando Capa emphasized the importance of participating in art competitions. These platforms not only provide visibility but also offer a great learning experience, allowing artists to test their skills, receive feedback from experts, expand their network and compare their work with that of other artists. Fernando’s interaction was very positive, generating a motivating atmosphere among the students.

The International Sculpture Competition

One of the aspects that most attracted the attention of the students was the unique opportunity offered to the artists to materialize their work. With a prize of €10,000, the competition is ideal for turning ideas and concepts into reality. This award is not just the realisation of a prototype. It is also the impetus for emerging artists, giving them the possibility to present their work on an international stage and to make a name for themselves in the artistic community.

Fernando Capa’s visit to the Escuela de Arte La Palma is the beginning of a journey full of opportunities for the students. Encouraging them to participate in the 4th International Sculpture Competition and other competitions is not just an invitation to compete. It is also personal discovery, overcoming challenges, seeing new horizons in the world of art.

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