Digitizing and printing.

without intermediaries.

Capa Esculturas offers you the services of scanning, digitizing, 3D printing, enlargement and modeling in any size, through the technology we have incorporated to complete the different services we offer to our clients.

Thanks to the experience accumulated in numerous works of sculpture, architecture and design, we execute projects using short and long range scanners, reverse engineering programs, CAD/CAM and our own R&D tools to address the most ambitious challenges of our sector.

Technology at your fingertips

Using the latest technologies in 3D scanning, we offer you, directly and without intermediaries, prototypes, enlargements, reductions or digitized files to provide a customized service to meet the needs of each project, merging the latest technological processes with the traditional processes of sculpture casting.

Digitalization and printing services:

Digital enlargements and reductions of works.

Faithful to the original model provided by the artist, we offer our clients the possibility of modifying the original size of their works to achieve the desired scale.

To carry out this process, the team uses different technologies and digital procedures; such as 3D laser systems, structured light and large format scanning for architecture and open spaces.

Digital modeling in two and three dimensions from received sketches.

From a simple sketch or drawing to a photograph or a painting, we will generate digital models in 2D or 3D that will allow the artist to have a faithful physical model, from which they can make their sculptures.

Capacity and flexibility.

Different materials, sizes, shapes, geometries and quantities. The engineering department of Capa Esculturas adapts to any customer requirement, customizing each project and accompanying the artist throughout the process.

3D printing and CNC modeling

To convert a digital model to a physical prototype, we have the most advanced 3D printing technology, large robot milling and CNC machining.

3D scanning, digital printing and rapid prototyping

Digital drawing and modeling in two and three dimensions

Estructura de malla 3D de la obra "El Caballo" de Botero, destacando su geometría única para su fundición
3D scanning, digital printing and rapid prototyping

Building scanning and digitization

3D scanning, digital printing and rapid prototyping
We combine creativity with technological precision.
To turn your ideas into tangible realities.

In Capa Esculturas we want to accompany you, more than 80 years of experience behind us.