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Esculturas Capa
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La Fundición


Escaneo 3D

3D scanning and digital printing


Enlargement and reduction

The Fundición Eduardo Capa has always distinguished for its work in the field of bronze, iron, aluminium and stainless steel sculpture and most metals used. The workshop provides all the processes that exist on the market for adaptation to the needs of each client and to achieve the quality-price relation.

The two large procedures used are the Lost wax smelting, a very ancient method used from time immemorial and sand smelting. In each of them exists a large range of possibilities that allow the professional team of the Fundicion Capa to adapt to the artistic and economic demands of each client.

Currently our workshops produce more than 7,000 sculptures a year, of every size.

Casting procedures used:

Lost wax smelting:

  • Smelting using traditional method
  • Smelting with the ceramic shell:
    • Ceramic shell smelting with an alcohol base
    • Ceramic peel smelting with a water base
    • Smelting with ceramic mold block
  • Hybrid ceramic shell system with traditional procedure
  • Micro-fusion:
    • Covering of jewellery
    • With a ceramic system

Sand Smelting:

  • Silicate system, Co2, catalyst.
  • System with Furan
  • Sand in green
  • Liquid sand
  • Hybrid ceramic systems

We are prepared to cast different metal besides bronze, such as aluminium, iron, stainless steel, tin...

Eduardo Capa, S.A. offers you 3D scanning, digitizing, rapid prototyping and digital machining services that we have added to complement the many benefits we offer our clients.

Thanks to the experience gained in numerous applications in sculpture and urban equipments, we implement projects using short- and long-range scanners, reverse engineering programs, CAD/CAM and proprietary development tools to meet your specific needs.

Using the latest 3D scanning technologies, we cut out the middlemen and directly provide prototypes, enlargements, reductions or digitized files with extremely fast delivery times and affordable costs.

The decision made by Eduardo Capa, S.A. to reinvest all of its resources in the development of the company has meant making a significant technological investment in state-of-the-art equipment, with the best, most modern and precise technology on the market, which we make available to you at our facilities located just 20 minutes from Madrid:

  • Digital Enlargements and Reductions of works that are faithful to the original model provided by the artist, developing sculptures of all sizes.
  • 2D and 3D digital modeling based on delivered sketches.
  • Large production capacity and short delivery times for creating models and molds on any scale, mock-up modeling.
  • 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping
  • Open space scanning for project implementation and computer graphics.
  • 3D Erection and Digitization of large buildings, both inside and out, obtaining a reliable representation for their restoration, modification, work to be done on them, the generation of virtual tours, promotional videos, etc.
  • Personalized advice for your projects and ideas, along with development and technical drawings by our own engineering and architectural department, bringing technical solutions together with aesthetic quality.

Through the enlargement and reduction service, the Fundicion Eduardo Capa offers to all artists, the possibility to modify the original size of their pieces to obtain a definite scale. To achieve this, the team uses traditional techniques and digital procedures, such as laser systems, 3D, light bars or rapid scans for exteriors.

The Fundición Capa carries out enlargement and reduction with all types of materials, depending on the characteristics and needs of each work.


In Capa Esculturas we have always had very much in mind the transport and installation of any type of work. We have transported and installed work throughout the world, from Singapore to New York. In compliance with security and meeting customer requirements.

Transportation and installation

The Fundición Eduardo Capa is not only known for its work in bronze smelting field, but also for its restoration works in stone and metal. The aim of this service is to repair pieces that have been deteriorated due to time or have suffered damages for whatever reason.

The Fundición Capa team uses the same techniques as those used in the original piece, trying to maintain and conserve the actual spirit of the piece. The systems used for the restoration process have been selected taking into account their needs and demanded criteria of the client.

The Fundición Capa has a large experience in the metal and stone restoration. It has worked alongside important public and private institutions such as Official Institutions like The National Heritage, Museums and Local Councils.


The metal plate workshop of the Fundición Eduardo Capa is responsible for the sculpture production, design elements and architectonic ornaments by using metalworking and smelting techniques. The majority of the pieces made by this procedure are of a constructive and architectonic character.

The smelting team has at its disposal all the materials that are used on the market, amongst them bronze, aluminium, stainless steel, Weathering steel, copper, tin or iron. The metal plate workshop is particularly focused on large pieces, although it\'s also possible to carry out other pieces reduced in size.


Installation and transport


Restoration and conservation


Metal plate workshop


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