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Eduardo Capa

The name Eduardo Capa is closely associated with contemporary Spanish sculpture. For decades, this artist worked to make this artistic discipline known and collaborated closely with some of the most relevant sculptors and institutions of the national and international art scene.

Sculpture Casting.

We can do it.

Our sculpture casting service is the meeting point between imagination and technical mastery, where artistic dreams are transformed into solid realities. Every spark of inspiration finds its way into the molten metal, giving rise to sculptures that transcend time and space.

With an unwavering commitment to quality, our foundry is the epicenter of innovation in sculptural art. From the most complex designs to the simplest forms.

Volcado de bronce líquido en molde de escultura en Capa Esculturas

Our services.

Capa Esculturas is much more than a foundry. Our services cover all the needs that the artist, designer or architect may have.

We make the impossible a reality.

we can't tell it in words,
you have to see it.

Opinions from some of our clients...

Our clients.

Lorenzo Quinn

The incredible thing about Capa is that it has many solutions since many of my sculptures are complex... but the luck is that they have many years of experience and have the ability to make my dreams come true...

Latest realized works.

We are proud to work alongside the best and to have achieved their full trust. We face each job with the excitement of the first day even though more than 60 years have passed since that first day…

IV edition

International Sculpture Contest

The purpose of the contest is, through a sculptural project, to bring sculpture closer to society as it has been done in photography, forming part of urban space, landart, interior design, and collecting.

Single prize:

Reproduction of the winning work valued at 10,000 euros

Special Prize

Valued at 3,000 euros.