Newton by Dalí: The anecdote behind the master’s last work

Instalación de "Newton" de Salvador Dalí por Capa Esculturas frente al WiZink Center de Madrid

Salvador Dalí, the iconic Spanish surrealist, and Eduardo Capa, founding master of Capa Esculturas are a palpable example of collaboration. Together they gave life to one of Dalí’s last and most significant works: the sculpture of “Newton”. In the world of art, collaborations between great masters and artists can result in works that transcend time and space, becoming timeless legacies that speak of shared passion, vision and genius.

The Meeting of Salvador Dalí and Eduardo Capa

We start from the premise that the play almost didn’t happen, which makes this story all the more impressive. Their relationship was marked by moments of intense work and estrangement. After years of a rich, but slow professional relationship between Dalí and Capa, the “Newton” project reconnected the relationship.

It is said that, at one of their meetings, the master Eduardo Capa went to París to talk to Dalí about projects and art. However, frustrated to see him devoting his time to other things, he said to him: “Maestro, if we are not going to work on the sculptures, I’m going back to Madrid. I can’t afford to spend my days here watching you sign lithographs” and he left.

The relationship here stalled for several years. Until Salvador Dalí, aware that his time was slipping away and his desire to leave a legacy, commissioned his last great creation from Eduardo Capa.

From Dalí’s idea of “Newton” to bronze.

With a simple drawing on paper, Dalí shared his idea with Eduardo, who was to materialise the master’s creation. The bronze piece was made using the lost wax technique. During this long and painstaking process, exceptional precision and skill were required. Therefore, it was executed step by step in the Capa Esculturas facilities, giving life to a sculpture of more than 4 metres. It not only captures the essence of Dalinian thought, but also reflects the technical mastery of the foundry.

Dalí’s legacy to Madrid

Installed and inaugurated in 1986 in the Plaza de Salvador Dalí, opposite the WiZink Center in Madrid, it stands as a testament to the collaboration between Dalí and Capa. The sculpture, executed with the mastery that only Capa could offer, became Dalí’s last gift to the city he loved so much, a gift that continues to inspire and amaze passers-by who contemplate it.

The collaboration between Salvador Dalí and Eduardo Capa in the creation of “Newton” is a powerful reminder of how art can bring brilliant minds together, overcome challenges and leave a lasting legacy. This work not only honours the memory of Dalí and his contribution to world art, but also reflects how the friendship between the two endured in the face of any impediment, turning Dalí’s vision into a tangible reality that remains a source of pride for Capa Esculturas and a treasure for the city of Madrid.

Here you can find more information about the work “Newton”.
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