Salvador Dali.

“Master, if we are not going to work on the sculptures, I am going back to Madrid. I can’t afford to spend my days here watching you sign lithographs”. Thus ended a relationship of many years between Salvador Dali and our founder, Eduardo Capa.

In his last years of life, Dalí was clear that he wanted to give the city of Madrid one last gift. To do so, he called Eduardo again. With a drawing on a piece of paper, they reconnected in order to carry out the execution of what was the last sculpture during the life of the renowned Spanish artist. The Spanish genius was clear about what he wanted to execute and trusted Eduardo to turn it into reality.

In 1986 the circle was closed with the installation of the sculpture “Newton” in the current Salvador Dalí Square, which he was able to see it installed before his death.

4 meters
Lost wax bronze casting
Plaza de Salvador Dalí, Madrid