Portón-Pasaje (Passage Gate)

Cristina Iglesias.

In the heart of Madrid, in one of the most emblematic institutions of the city, the Prado Museum, you can find this incredible work of the Spanish artist Cristina Iglesias, “Portón-Pasaje”.

With more than 26 tons of bronze and a wingspan of more than 6 meters, the biggest challenge we faced was the development of applied engineering through a combined system of electronics and hydraulics allowing the artist total freedom in the programming system, achieving 5 sculptural compositions of the work.

The full integration was the competence of our engineering team and we are proud to have been able to collaborate in this project together with Cristina, being a symbol of art in the city of Madrid.

Portón-Pasaje (Passage Gate)
6 meters
Lost wax bronze casting (26 tons)
Prado Museum, Madrid