Fachada de la Natividad (Nativity Façade)

Etsuro Sotoo.

Our collaboration with the Japanese artist, Etsuro Sotoo, was very close and enriching throughout the project.

Capa Esculturas is proud to be the foundry that carried out the production of this wonderful work. With a total set of 4 doors, “Fachada de la Natividad” was the most special of all. Etsuro wanted to accompany us throughout the process and we could not be more grateful. The patina that was done in 2015, prior to installation, is still intact today. If you have not visited La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, do not hesitate to do so.

Fachada de la Natividad (Nativity Façade)
7 meters
Lost wax bronze casting (12 tons)
Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
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