Pinnacles Hamad bin Jassim Mosque

Zeynep Fadillioglu.

For the realization of this great project, the engineering and digitalization team of Capa Sculptures made the 3D digital modeling of 4 different models of pinnacles according to the designs provided by the artist.

Once these digital models were approved, they were enlarged in polyurethane fiber, which together with a specific treatment that was applied to make the sand molds, we were able to use these models to make the 36 reproductions.

The technique used was bronze sand casting. With a polished finish, as it can be observed, our team carried out the installation of all the elements of this impressive mosque.

Pinnacles Hamad bin Jassim Mosque
36 pinnacles with an average height of 2.5 meters
Sand bronze casting
Doha, Qatar
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