Young people from Prodis Foundation get into sculpture art

Foto para enmarcar la visita de la Fundación pRODIS A LA INSTALCIONES DE xPA eSCULYTURAS

On a day full of inspiration and learning, a group of young people from the Prodis Foundation, thanks to the workshop project carried out by the Villacisneros Foundation and their programme “CapacitArte”, together with our artist and friend David Rodríguez Caballero, were given the unique opportunity to get into the world of artistic foundry. This visit not only allowed us to learn about the creative process behind the materialisation of a work, it also became an opportunity to learn about the value of partnership, teamwork and social inclusion.

Art as a bridge towards inclusion

From the moment they arrived, the young people showed a great curiosity and insatiable interest. David Rodríguez Caballero, artist who is part of the “CapacitArte” project, showed the whole creative process behind his works, including the foundry process in our installations. The group of young people were able to see from the initial conception of the idea to the result of the final piece. It was a day in which art became a bridge to understanding and appreciation of diversity and creativity.

The Prodis Foundation works tirelessly to improve the life of people with intellectual disabilities. Their objective is to guarantee their full inclusion into society. Through the visit, they found a perfect way to promote the integration and development of their young people. Art served as a tool to break down barriers, encourage self-expression and strengthen their self-confidence.

Learning and collaboration as a key element

The values of partnership and teamwork shine throughout the visit. Seeing young people collaborate, ask questions and participate actively in the foundry process was a reminder that art is a universal language, capable of uniting people across differences. Social inclusion was palpable in every conversation, every shared smile or every asked question.

Reflections of happiness on an unforgettable day

At the end of the journey, satisfaction and happiness were evident on the faces of the young people. They not only took with them knowledge about foundry art, they also learned about teamwork and self-improvement. This experience was not only for them. It has also left an important mark on our hearts, showing once again that art has the power to unite.

This reminds all of us of the importance of opening spaces where everyone, without distinction, can learn, participate and grow together, building a world that is more inclusive and understanding.

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