Bronze finishes: What is patina and what results does it offer

Los diferentes tipos de acabados del bronce que se realizan en Capa Esculturas

Each bronze project is unique and carries with it the vision and the creative effort of its creator. Our engagement as a foundry is to provide you with an excellent job in the development of your artwork and to give you advice on the finish that best adapts to your needs. Explore bronze finishes options and how we bring your project to life with quality and detail.

Bronze finishes for every vision

A finish not only protects the artwork through time, but also plays a crucial role in how the sculpture is perceived and interacted with. The correct choice can amplify the artist’s visual narrative, add depth to the piece, capture the essence, among others.

With a deep understanding of this, at Capa Esculturas we explore with you the possibilities that our finishes can offer. In addition, considering the installation site, climate, foot traffic and other factors, our team will guide towards the most suitable finish.

What is bronze patination

The patina, formed naturally or by chemical products, covers the bronze, protecting it from external elements and embellishing it with various colours and textures. This process ensures the durability of the artwork and above all enhances its visual aesthetics. It is important to always keep in mind to passivate the chemical process to ensure that the results of the patinas are durable over time thanks to their waterproof film.

We can identify different types of patina:

Natural patina

Over time, bronze reacts with oxygen and other elements in the environment, such as humidity, temperature, saltpetre, developing a protective layer that can vary in colour from greens to browns. This natural patina is unique for each piece, reflecting the history and the environment in which the sculpture is located.

Artificial patina

When you are searching for a specific result on the final appearance of a piece, artificial patina is the best option. In other words, through chemical solutions, it is possible to accelerate this process, obtaining a wide variety of finishes in a short period of time. Colours can range from greenish tones to blues or blacks, allowing almost total personalisation. However, it is important to keep in mind that despite the application of the patina, natural conditions can still act on our work.

Among the results offered by the patina we can highlight the chromatic diversity, offering different ranges of colours; protection and durabilityacting to preserve the integrity of the bronze against corrosion and other environmental damages; and the texture of the surface.

Other bronze finishes

Nevertheless, patination is not the only solution for the finishing of your bronze piece. Here you can see the different finishes that can completely transform your artwork.

Mirror polishing

The mirror polished finish is ideal for pieces that are seeking a shiny and reflective effect in their artwork. This technique polishes the bronze for a reflective finish that captures light and environment, creating an attractive visual effect. Also, it is perfect for highlighting fine details, adding touches of elegance and modernity to the piece.


Grinding offers a subtle alternative to mirror polishing, using specific techniques for a smooth scratched texture. This technique diffuses the light, especially giving the bronze a discreet shine. It is designed for pieces that seek to unite the authenticity of the material with a touch of sophisticated elegance.


Sandblasting provides a uniform, matt texture, ideal for modern and minimalist styles. By applying sand with pressure, a texture is achieved that diffuses the light, minimizing reflections and highlighting the shape. Furthermore, this finish highlights the volume and structure of the sculpture, eliminating visual distractions.


The oxide finishes replicate the oxidation of bronze in a controlled form for unique shades and textures. However, this finish can range in shades of greens or dark browns, offering an antique aspect and character.

Oil patinas

Oil patinas use heated oils over bronze for unique effects of colour and texture. In fact, these patinas can vary from soft browns to deep blacks, offering visual richness and a distinctive tactile sensation. This finish is ideal for projects that seek a refined and elegant appearance with a touch of antiquity.

The best finish for your bronze piece

In this exploration of different finishes for bronze it is clear there is no definitive option for your choice. The choice of the finish depends on factors such as climate, and the desired visual and tactile results.

At Capa Esculturas we have more than 80 years of experience in the creation and finishing of bronze works. Consequently, we deeply understand the importance of selecting the right finish for each piece. Our experience allows us to refine traditional and new techniques, making us the best option for artists. We offer impeccable execution and personal attention to understand your artistic view.

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