You are the World

Lorenzo Quinn .

This impressive sculpture, called “You are the World”, is located in the Netherlands and was designed by the renowned artist Lorenzo Quinn. The work, made primarily of bronze and complemented by stainless steel, follows the artist’s tendency to transmit messages of unity and human connection.

“You are the World” features giant hands holding a planet, symbolising the shared responsibility to care for the world. This image underlines the importance of global collaboration and cooperation between people to protect our planet.

At Capa Sculptures, we are proud to participate in the creation of “You are the World” by supporting Lorenzo Quinn’s artistic creation, and offering the world a work that not only stands out for its beauty, but also for the powerful message of unity and the values it represents.

You are the World
15.7 metres
Patinated bronze and stainless steel
AFAS Software - Leusden, Netherlands
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