Juan Villa Herrero.

Nahia’s sculpture is an emblematic and significant project that bears witness to equality in sport. Produced for the UEFA Women’s Champions League “Hay mucho en juego” campaign.

This project was carried out using lost wax casting, a traditional technique that allows all the details of the piece to be captured. In addition, it has been given a natural dark patina, which will protect it from the weather.

The sculpture was made in record time. From the moment the model was presented, the whole team threw themselves into the work to deliver excellent results in a short time.

We could not pass up the opportunity to thank Juan Villa, the sculptor behind the work. Their collaboration and ease of working with our team was crucial to the success of the project.

Nahia is not only a work of art, she has become a powerful symbol of equality in sport. Through the piece, we are proud to be able to contribute to this need to address challenges in women’s football and to be part of such a prestigious event as the UEFA Women’s Champions League.

1.2 metres
Lost wax bronze casting
San Mamés Stadium, Bilbao