Judging of the Fourth International Sculpture Competition!

Jurado debatiendo sobre los ganadores del Concurso Internacional de Escultura

Winners of the Fourth International Sculpture Contest of the Foundry Capa

The Capa Foundry has announced with great enthusiasm the results of the Fourth International Sculpture Contest. This contest, which has established itself as a benchmark in the field of contemporary sculpture, aims to bring innovation and new creative techniques to both established and emerging sculptors, providing a platform for artistic development and exploration in the 21st century.

Award winners

Alejandra Novillo has been awarded the prestigious Capa Prize in recognition of her outstanding contribution and creativity in the field of sculpture. His work reflects a unique combination of technical innovation and conceptual depth, attributes that impressed the jury and the public alike.

Laura García Prat has won the Cosentino Prize, standing out for her ability to integrate contemporary materials and techniques in her sculptures. His work demonstrates a deep understanding of form and space, as well as an experimental approach that has captured the attention of critics and the jury.

Accesit Capa – Cosentino: Helena Medina Palomino

Helena Medina Palomino has received an Accesit Capa – Cosentino, a special mention that recognises her promising talent and her innovation in the use of materials. His work stands out for its originality and for the way it challenges the traditional conventions of sculpture.

Accesit Capa – Cosentino: Silvia Olmedo Corraliza

Silvia Olmedo Corraliza has also been distinguished with an Accesit Capa – Cosentino. His work has been valued for his creativity and his ability to explore new techniques and forms. Silvia’s sculpture reflects a great artistic sensitivity and a unique vision that has been recognised by the jury.


The Fundición Capa with the union of the philosophy I+D+ART establishes as objective of this IV edition to bring the innovation and the new techniques of creation, so much to the consecrated sculptors as to those who initiate this adventure of the sculpture and to be able to give them a new way of creation with the technology that the fundición Capa can contribute to the 21st century.

The Fundición Capa thanks all the contestants for their efforts and participation in the judging of the Fourth Competition and will soon begin preparations for the Fifth Edition of the Fundición Capa International Sculpture Contest.

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