Capa Esculturas’ commitment with the Environment

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Sustainability is a latent priority. Companies must take responsibility for protecting the environment and at Capa Esculturas we have internalised this. We are not only dedicated to artistic foundry, but we are also firmly committed to minimising our environmental impact and promoting sustainable practices in our daily work. We believe that art and environmental responsibility coexist, and we strive daily to ensure that our actions reflect this commitment.

Our philosophy with the environment

At Capa Esculturas we have integrated environmentally conscious practices into all aspects of our work. From the initial design to the creation and exhibition of our works, every step of the process is carried out with the utmost commitment to the environment. We are guided by the ‘5Rs’: Recover, Repair, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, 5 principles that define our responsibility towards the planet. These practices are not just guidelines, they are a philosophy that runs throughout our operations.

Artistic foundry with environmental responsibility

Our commitment to the environment is based on the priority that excess material is not wasted, instead it is transformed into reusable ingots. Materials such as sand, wax and metals are carefully recovered and recycled, reducing the demand for natural resources and minimising environmental impact. This process not only allows us to be more efficient but also ensures that we are doing all we can to preserve natural resources.

In addition, we have replaced traditional ovens with energy-efficient electric ovens, reducing gas emissions and improving the air quality of our installations. We are constantly looking to incorporate renewable energies into our operations, such as solar and wind power, with the aim of migrating to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources. This transition is not only a palpable benefit to the environment, but also places Capa Sculptures as a leader in the implementation of sustainable practices in the artistic foundry industry.

Innovation and sustainable education

At our installations, we firmly believe that art and sustainability must coexist. For this reason, we reuse packaging, pallets, wood and expanded polystyrene, reusing what can be given a second life. In addition, we train our employees and customers in sustainable practices, promoting respect for nature in all its forms. By educating our community about the importance of sustainability, we aim to embrace such practices in every sense of society.

We also stand for sustainable mobility. Our partially hybrid vehicle fleet is a clear example. This initiative not only reduces carbon emissions, but also promotes the use of cleaner technologies for our daily transport.

A sustainable legacy

Our commitment is not just for today, but also for future generations. We are working on long-term strategies to ensure that Capa Sculptures is a role model in the art and sculpture casting industry in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

At Capa Esculturas we not only create art, we also promote environmental awareness and education. Our commitment to sustainability drives our creativity and motivates us to constantly seek new ways to innovate and preserve our natural environment for future generations. We are proud to lead the way towards a brighter future for art and the planet, where art and nature come into harmony. Together we can paint a greener and more vibrant future, a sustainable legacy that will continue to inspire and benefit humanity and the environment.

Here you can see our work done.

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