Registration deadline extended

Cartel anunciando que se amplia la inscripción a la tercera edición del Concurso Internacional de Escultura

We announce that, for scheduling reasons, we have decided to extend the registration deadline for the III International Sculpture Contest organized by Capa Esculturas. You will now have more time to send us your proposal, as the new deadline is October 31.

Opportunity for more artists

This extension of the registration deadline provides an excellent opportunity for more artists to participate in this prestigious contest. We understand that the creative process requires time and dedication, and we want to ensure that all interested parties have the opportunity to submit their best work. Whether you are fine-tuning the details of your sculpture or starting a new idea, this extension will allow you to do so with the peace of mind needed to deliver a high quality piece of work.

Contest details

The III International Sculpture Contest is a platform designed to highlight the talent and creativity of sculptors from around the world. This competition not only offers recognition and visibility to participating artists, but also includes the opportunity to work with high quality materials and receive technical support from experts in the field. Prizes include exhibitions in recognized galleries, honorable mentions and, for the winners, the possibility of collaborating in future projects with Capa Esculturas.

How to participate

To enter the contest, simply visit our website and follow the instructions on the entry form. Be sure to review the contest rules, where you will find detailed information about the requirements, judging criteria and prizes. Registration is free and open to sculptors of all ages and levels of experience.

Inspiration and creativity

We encourage all sculptors to take advantage of this extended deadline to explore new ideas and experiment with different techniques. The contest is an excellent opportunity to challenge your creative boundaries and share your artistic vision with a wider audience. The works submitted will be evaluated by a jury of art and sculpture experts, who will look for originality, technique and artistic expression.

Contact and support

If you have any questions or need more information about the contest, please do not hesitate to contact us through our email or social networks. We are here to help you and provide you with all the necessary support for your participation.


The extension of the registration deadline until October 31 is a unique opportunity for more artists to join the III International Sculpture Contest of Capa Esculturas. We look forward to seeing the incredible proposals that will be presented and to celebrating the talent and creativity of sculptors from around the world. Don’t miss this opportunity and send your proposal on time!

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