Jose Cháfer

Jose Cháfer: sculpting the balance of nature

Jose Cháfer, Madrid 1991, is a sculptor whose work is deeply inspired by nature and its phenomenons. An analytical observer, Cháfer contemplates the infinite variety of shapes, textures and colours that nature unfolds, and distils them into his art, exploring the intrinsic interconnectedness woven into the tapestry of the natural world.

Love of cyclicality and evolution

Chafer reveals his fascinating interest in natural cycles, an admiration for the constant dance of creation, transformation and evolution that defines our environment. This cyclical conception is essential in his work, allowing him to present pieces that seem to be in constant flux, never fixed, always in a state of becoming.

José Cháfer’s search for balance

The concept of balance is a constant in his artistic vision. Cháfer follows this ideal in each work, investigating the visual weights, the tensions and the multiple paths that a piece can take to reach this state of perfect harmony. His ability to surprise and the secrets that each piece conceals are testimony to his meticulous technique and intimate connection with the materials he uses.

A sensory approach to sculpture

Chafer works with natural materials such as stone and wood, which resonate with the essence of earth and life. Touching his sculptures, you can feel different hardnesses, vibrations, textures and veins. Cháfer wants each spectator to experience a complete reading of the work.

The artist considers it essential to immerse himself in each of his pieces, even losing track of time during their production; with the intention of contributing the best version of himself in each work, and enjoying the process.

Education, career and awards

His academic training is a reflection of his commitment to art. Graduated in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid and with a Master’s degree in Art Research and Creation, in addition to his training in Architecture at the Rey Juan Carlos University.

Some of their awards are:


  • Third Prize in the International Sculpture Competition of the CAPA Foundry. I Edition. Madrid.


  • Winner of the Art in Antarctica Grant. I Edition. UCM, Madrid.
  • Art Residency in Antarctica funded by the Dirección Nacional Antártica Argentina. I Edition. Antarctica.


  • First Prize for sculpture in the National Painting and Sculpture Competition, Villa de Parla. Madrid.
  • Burquerín Prize, XXXV edition, Museum of Ayllón. Segovia.
  • Prize awarded by the Ayllón Town Council in the XXXV Edition.
  • Sculpture Residency Scholarship, Villa de Ayllón. Segovia.

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