Fundición CAPA International Sculpture Contest

Cartel del I Concurso Internacional de Escultura en Capa Esculturas

Being aware that we are living a painful time in the human part and disruptive in our behavior, from fine art foundry CAPA, now more than ever, we think that all artistic initiatives have the value to offer meaning to our relationship with the world and with the others.

Due to the current crisis of COVID-19, the new deadline to submit projects will be extended until July 31, 2020, with the final decision of the jury on September 24.

Purpose of the contest:

The purpose of the contest is, through a sculptural project at any of the scales chosen, to bring the sculpture closer to society, as it happened in photography, forming part of the urban space, landart, interior design, and collecting.
In short, the sculpture will be able to connect with the human being, and these sculptural creations can be realized by art foundries like the Fine Art Foundry Capa.

Who can join?

The First Edition of this contest is aimed to students, architects, sculptors,
designers, plastic artists, and other similar areas of knowledge.
And observing today’s society, also people who with their thinking are changing the concept of art and therefore the living space.

Objectives of this edition:

The Capa Foundry, with the union of the I+D+ART philosophy, establishes as the objective of this edition to bring innovation and new creation techniques closer to both established sculptors and those who are starting this adventure of sculpture and to be able to give them a new way of creation with the technology that Capa Foundry can contribute in the 21st century.

The following aspects will be considered of special interest:

  • Investigation
  • Use of material
  • Creativity
  • Classical technique
  • Technology

How do I present my sculpture proposal?

The contestant will deliver the sculpture proposal via e-mail ( in pdf or jpg format, a DINA1 that does not exceed 15 megs. In the same submission they may put any comments they consider necessary on their proposal.
Very important: The author’s name may never appear on the presented DINA1 panel. The full name, contact phone number and e-mail address must appear in the digital file.

The official languages will be both, Spanish and English.


Submission period: from October 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020.
Free entry trying to promote participation and ideas production.


The Fine Art Foundry Capa will award three prizes:

  • First prize: a reproduction of the work, maximum dimension of 1.20 meters,
    valued at 7000 euros.
  • Second prize: a reproduction of the work, maximum dimension 1.00 meter,
    valued at 5000 euros.
  • Third prize: a reproduction of the work, maximum dimension 0.90 meter,
    valued at 3000 euros.
  • Special prize: reproduction of the work, made with Cosentino materials, maximum dimension 0.90 meter, valued at 3000 euros

The three winners will also receive a trophy awarded by the Fine Art Foundry Capa.

The artist will have a month to deliver the final sketch of his work to Capa Foundry. The maximum period of execution of the work by the Fine Art Foundry Capa will be eight months.

The jury reserves the right to make a maximum of three special mentions.

The winners and those contestants who are awarded a special mention will in turn receive an accrediting diploma, which will specify the result of their participation in the contest.


The members of the jury will have a voice and a vote when judging the projects presented. The secretary of the jury will have a voice, but no vote.
The jury will be made up of professionals of recognized prestige chosen by Capa Foundry and a representative of Capa Foundry.
The jury’s decision will be final.
Confidentiality in proposals is ensured.

The jury’s decision will be recorded in a record that will be published 10 days after the decision-making meeting of the jury. The jury’s decision will take place on September 24, 2020.
The awards ceremony will be celebrated on an official event. Date and place will be announced in due course to the participants.

Jury’s criteria:

  • The creativity of the idea
  • The conceptual and technical quality of the project.
  • The innovation of the proposals.
  • The techniques to use.


The contestant will be recognized as the author of his work, maintaining his author’s moral rights.

The Fine Art Foundry Capa will keep a proof of authorship to be able to carry out the itinerant exhibition
of the winning works in national and international spaces that the Fine Art Foundry Capa considers appropriate, for the diffusion and promotion of the competition along with the brand Capa.

By accepting the present rules, the winning participants transfer to the Fine Art Foundry Capa, exclusively, all the rights of public communication through social networks and media.
In order to protect the moral rights of the participant, in the event of future publications, Capa Foundry will always mention the author.

Both, the organizers and the promoters of the Fine Art Foundry Capa contest are not responsible for the plagiarism claims that may be made by any of the participants.

The Fine Art Foundry Capa reserves the right to cancel the contest at any time.

Participation in the Capa Foundry Sculpture Contest implies full acceptance of these bases, the interpretation of which corresponds to those responsible for organizing the contest.
Capa Foundry and the organizing entity I+D+ART will own a copy of the winning sculptures for exhibition and communication.

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