Experience in metals

The Eduardo Capa Foundry has been recognised for its outstanding work in the field of sculpture casting in a wide range of metals. Because we have worked with bronze, iron, aluminium and stainless steel. With years of experience and a highly trained professional team, we pride ourselves on offering a high quality service that is tailored to each client’s needs.

Versatile procedures for all demands

We use two main casting processes: lost wax casting, an ancient method used since antiquity, and sand casting. Within each of these methods, our team has the ability to customise and adapt the process to meet the artistic and economic demands of our clients. From traditional casting to innovative hybrid systems, we are committed to providing the best value for money on every project.

Annual production of thousands of sculptures

Our workshops produce over 7000 sculptures of all sizes each year, demonstrating our commitment to excellence and efficiency in production. This is why each piece is treated with the same care and attention to detail, regardless of its size or complexity.

Variety of foundry processes

We offer a variety of casting processes to meet the specific needs of each project:

  • Lost wax foundry: from the traditional method to innovative hybrid systems.
  • Sand foundry: using different systems as well as silicate, co2, catalyst, therefore.
  • Microfusion: ideal for coating jewellery and other small objects.

Prepared for the future

At the Eduardo Capa Foundry, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and expand our services. We are prepared to work with a wide range of metals and are committed to remain a leader in the sculpture casting industry.

From traditional foundry to the most advanced techniques, at the Eduardo Capa Foundry you will find the experience and excellence you are looking for in your next sculptural project.

Take a look at our completed work here.

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