Diego Canogar


Diego Canogar, born in 1966 in Spain, is a leading sculptor known for his unique approach to art, treating it as three-dimensional drawings. A graduate in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, Canogar has developed a technique that fuses materials and light to give shape and colour to his works. Inspired by nature and geometry, his work also extends to printmaking, creating delicate pieces that reflect these same themes.

Career and awards

Throughout his impressive career, Diego Canogar has participated in more than 20 solo exhibitions and more than 120 group exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. He currently chairs the association Mínimo Tamaño Grande, where he coordinates travelling exhibitions of sculpture in the Community of Madrid, promoting the dissemination of art and culture.

Notable exhibitions

Since his first exhibitions, Canogar has left an indelible mark on the art world. In 2010, his exhibition ‘Dibujando esculturas’ at the Central Hall of Caja Rural de Granada and ‘Hierro, trazos y líneas’ in Cáceres and Plasencia, demonstrated his ability to transform iron into forms full of life and movement.

During 2014 and 2015, Diego continued to expand his reach with exhibitions at events such as the SUMMA ART Fair in Madrid and the International Exhibition of Plastic Arts of Valdepeñas in Ciudad Real. His participation in projects such as ‘Meninas’, where his sculptures adorned the streets of Madrid, reflected his commitment to making art accessible to the general public.

The year 2017 was particularly prolific, with exhibitions such as ‘Cosmología’ at Espacio Est Art in Alcobendas, and ‘El Arte del grabado y el Ferrocarril del siglo XIX al XXI’ at the Museo Casa de la Moneda in Madrid. These exhibitions not only showcased his technical skill but also his ability to integrate historical and contemporary elements into his works.

In 2018, Diego presented ‘Curvas, rectas y vacíos’ at Amaga Gallery in Avilés, Asturias, and ‘Transiciones’ at Bat Gallery, Alberto Cornejo in Madrid. That same year, his participation in the exhibition ‘Sculpture in the Garden’ together with Czili at La Clá, Moraleja Green, Alcobendas, offered a fresh and vibrant vision of how sculpture can interact with the natural environment.

The Art Madrid Fair has been a recurring highlight in Canogar’s career, most notably his presence in 2020 with the Bat Alberto Cornejo gallery. This event consolidated his position as a renowned sculptor both nationally and internationally.

Technique and style

Diego Canogar approaches his sculptures as three-dimensional drawings, using innovative techniques and diverse materials which, combined with the use of light, give his works a unique depth and dynamism. His pieces reflect a deep connection with nature and geometry, recurring elements in his work in both sculpture and printmaking.


Diego Canogar is a sculptor whose vision and technique have positioned him as a prominent figure in contemporary art. With a career rich in exhibitions and awards, his work continues to inspire and challenge traditional perceptions of art. As president of the association Mínimo Tamaño Grande, he continues to influence the art scene, promoting sculpture and art in general in the Madrid region and beyond.

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